Friday, December 23, 2016

Lullaby No. 33 – Shining

Full moon kiss the air
In love are moments
Like shining stars
And we draw bright lines
Between them
Give form to the essence
That flights us like blue nights
We hold in our skin
The present an afterlife
Of what brought us here
All we’ve created
And destroyed
To be all that we are
And all that we are
Capable of becoming
Holds us by the soul
Shines us

Jason Greendyk

Lullaby No. 32 – White Veins

The heavy glare of the evening sun
Laid bare the acid wash
Of your black denim
The rips and tears
Of fallen dances
Absent the grace of the feminine deity
Who lit your soul one night in the long
Lahoda jahoda
Now it was a clear day’s moonrise
All who watched you move
Saw a dancer
Step by step
Caressing the asphalt
With thoughts that filled the air
Like a cliché
The modern artist
Has abandoned the original thought
For redefinition
But all who watched you dance
Saw an optimist
Through the voice of Reason redefined
A new authenticity to par

Jason Greendyk

Lullaby No. 31 – Embedded in the Memories of Dreams

Lighting the shreds of time
Torn from the internal chaos
Of your fatherhood
To shine bright into that
Which would deconstruct and consume you
Light its soul and dance
The abyss your center of balance
Throwing you from wall to wall
Bounce back into the bleach white air
Your now vagrant passions
Homeless in the sweep of new life
Your hooks carving marks on the walls
To climb to climb
And clear like paper trash in the wind
What’s left behind
Blue sky in the sweep of slumber
Dreaming vivid memories
Of another consciousness
And waking to a past life
Embedded in your aging soul

Jason Greendyk

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lullaby No. 30 - Murder of the Goddess

Life was a gorgeous deep blue
The night scantly dressed in black
And full-bodied like the spirits
You imbibed the midnight glow
Of eyes made up and coming on
A heart polished in the river
Your reflecting through the skies
And was this calm blue surface happiness?
The fire of deep thoughts
Syphoned through the quality of stillness
The thinking man was thoughtless
Hung on his reflection
You felt the pain of phantom limbs
Forgotten truths escaping him
Was the silent mind this empty?
You never said a word
Save the moaning of your soul
Longing to drink from black slits
The deep blue vein of life
He sang a hollow in the forest
And there was nothing more

Jason Greendyk

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lullaby No. 29 - August, Los Angeles

Always setting in the twilight of the west
As took hold the rising eastern sun
And fading night was upon
So we flew to mourning
Arid, free of tears
A desert of language borne
In your characteristic silence
A storybook parapet
Formed in the new air
Of things dated
A new breath coaxed
Your sharpened mind
To the dull ache
Of what had been your apathy
Yes it was a lightness
That was loose of care
Somehow unimaginable
In its re-existence
Yet too soft to speak
Of what once was
Your only dream
To wake and be free
Of all that would steal your lit soul
Contemplating crepuscular
And always in the dry light of the pines
This August had already passed
A late body of wax and time

Jason Greendyk

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lullaby No. 28 - Praha

Late in the house
Lights behind the eyes
A dream in the shuttered room
Travelling back to the absinthe city
Lost in Bohemia again
Déjà vu au courant
A construction of the circular mind
Following the midnight river
To daybreak
To be lost at home
Wandering a waking life
Seeking the intersection
Lost by name
Found by remembrance
What was shone upon late
The tingling light of the temples
The crisp air through the window
Mourning the night
To wake and be free
Each day the thought escaping
Let sleep
A life transparent

Jason Greendyk

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lullaby No.27 - A Ghost

A ghost raced by the water
From the outside looking in
He saw his future self
Staring like a spirit laid across the waves
Dark grey clouds canvased the stark lit branches
The sun set through the empty conversation
A silhouette of love (in-verse)
A darkness from the inside looking out
Through the blue dusk painted on your glass
The dusky red on the rim of your step
Like the long shadow of night
Cast by your former self
Dancing along the water
’Til the morning settled in
A new life to crest and drink
From troughs along the garden of remembrance
Two ghosts in new dress
Handsomely waiving the continuity
And the water under the bridge was bulging
Time stood still from that moment

Jason Greendyk